Busy Playing Hearthstone

So yeah, one reason I haven’t blogged or done any OSS work recently is I’ve been playing Hearthstone obsessively. I installed it with some trepidation and immediately got hooked so hard it is kind of scary. Now I can’t get enough. I read the blogs, watch the streams, follow the drama.

My First Board

I’m immensely proud of the fact that I soldered together my first prototype board last night. It holds two DS18B20s; one naked sensor soldered straight onto the board and one on a waterproof cable that I’ve hung out the window. This lets me measure current indoor and outdoor temperature.

Hardware Is Hard

Where I live there aren’t really any options for electronics shopping, so I was resigned to do it mostly through mail order. Fortunately I discovered that Kjell & Co., which is probably the closest thing to Radio Shack we have in Sweden, not only carries a lot of Arduino stuff, but also has an shop in the next town over (Luleå, about 50km away).

Emacs Protip: Org-mode

Man, where do I start? org-mode is Emacs’ Killer Application. It started out as an very capable outlining tool, but has grown and mutated and now people use it for time management, blogging, presentations, spreadsheets, GTD, you name it. Org-mode is the reason I returned to Emacs after several years as an Eclipse refugee. I needed a system for handling my ToDos, and after hearing good things about org-mode I installed Emacs again and gave it a go. And here I am several years later and I pretty much live and breathe Emacs now.